Alle artiesten in deze database hebben bewezen ervaring met mastectomy en/of litteken tattoos. Klik/tap op hun foto en je ziet hun werk. Deze database is net gestart en wordt doorlopend geupdate met nieuwe artiesten!

All artists in our database have verified experience with mastectomy and/or scars tattoos. You can see their work when you tap/click on their picture. This database is very fresh, we will update it with new artists continuously!

Federico Costantini (ITA)

Very experienced Italian artist, scar covering and mastectomy tattoos. We are proud to have you as a Tittoo-tattoo artist!

Lianne Dulieu (NL)

This Groningen based artist specializes in botanical, fine line and ornamental work. We are very happy with you joining the Tittoo-tattoo network!

Tommie (NL)

Home sweet home. This artist from my hometown did a mastectomy tattoo before and said -yes- right away to joining the Tittoo-tattoo network. Thank you Tommie!

Martina Leopizzi (ITA)

Italian artist with scar covering skills. She rocked at the Amsterdam Tattoo Convention. Welcome to the Tittoo-tattoo family Martina, see you in Italy!

Onny Somboon (NL)

Born in Thailand, owns a studio in The Netherlands and travels to show her art to the rest of the world. Color, black&grey (sur)realism with her own twist, neo traditional and her own style based on Asian art. Proud to have you as a Tittoo-tattoo artist Onny!

Darryl Veer (NL)

Traditional tattoos and sky high ethical standards; Darryl and his wife Kimmie in a nutshell. Darryl did the first Tittoo-tattoo in December 2022. I am very grateful to have you onboard!

Marloes Lupker (NL)

We met at the Utrecht Tattoo Convention and I was impressed by her work (and the Eevee stickers lol). Turns out she has experience with working on mastectomy scars and she said -yes- to joining the Tittoo-tattoo family. Thank you!

Ivy Postma van Zoen (NL)

Again a hometown hero who is happy to help. Independent shop owner who is actually turning her business into a family affair with a very talented daughter. Rock on Ivy and welcome to the Tittoo-tattoo family!

Bradipo Gonzales (ITA)

Solid traditional tattoos. This co-owner of Holy Diver Tattoo in Florence knows his stuff. Thank you for joining the Tittoo-tattoo team Bradipo, can’t wait till it’s October!

Jetske (NL)

One of my board members spotted an awesome tattoo on a reconstructed breast on social media. ‘We have to have her on the team.’ We had a meeting with Jetske and yes…she is in!

Genziana Cocco (ITA)

Another very experienced Italian artist, owner of Sundance Tattoo Studio in Bologna. Thank you Genziana for joining the team, we are making the Tittoo-tattoo day in Italy happen!

Rhiannon (NL)

We met at the Utrecht tattoo convention where she was working on a tattoo. Ornamental, fineline, flora&fauna and geometric are her styles. Thank you for joining the team Rhiannon!

Jessica Bermudez (ITA)

New school, black & grey, dot work, realistic ánd scar covering skills. This owner of Bocanegra tattoo studio in Italy has it all. Thank you for joining us Jessica!

Sally Victorian (NL)

Independent Norwegian artist who works at Waterloo Tattoo Amsterdam. She did several scar covering projects and prefers to do black & grey. Happy to have you on the team Sally!

Pierre Rebone

Our first French artist, hopefully many more to come with scar covering experience. Bienvenue dans la Tittoo famillie Pierre!

Mim Roest (NL)

Flora and fauna tattoos are her thing. She did an awesome ivy tattoo on a flattie this year and is happy to give away one tattoo a year to a breastcancer warrior. Thank you Mim!

Irene Missler (NL)

Artist from the south of The Netherlands, but she loves to travel around and work in other countries. Colourful neotraditional tattoos with natural and witchy elements are her thing. Happy to have you on the team Irene!

Marisca ten Brinke (NL)

This owner of -I’m sorry mom tattoos- has lots of scar and mastectomy experience. Her style is fineline, soft, delicate and girly in black&grey and colour. Bonus: her waiting room is a secret garden with butterflies. Welcome to the team Marisca!

Vive Ink (NL)

Victoria loves her work, did a mastectomy tattoo before and she is happy to donate one every year. Her style is ornamental, mandalas and botanical often with a mix of bold and fine lines. Thank you for joining us Victoria!

Robin Redbird (NL)

Movie-themed, anime, fairytales and fantasy in combination with botanical…that is what Robin loves to do. She did several tattoos over scars and loves to help people in this way. Happy to have you on the team Robin!

Shannon Instinkt (NL)

Don’t be fooled by her babyface, Shannon is 30 and very experienced with working over scars! She even knows how to handle EDS-skin. Realism, micro-realism and new school is what she loves to do. Thank you for joining us!

Melly Mae (NL)

Another fineline botanical artist, but this time one who loves to work in colour! Melanie has over 7 years of experience and works in a private, female owned studio. Welcome to the team!

(Mar)tyna tattoo (NL)

Former art class teacher who turned to tattooing. She started out with watercolour but does different styles now. For awesome florals (colour or b&g) she is your girl. Welcome to the team Martyna!

Monica's tattoos (NL)

Over 20 years of experience and famous for her flexibility. She can do it all, really. Caters to clients wishes and elevates it into something unique. Thank you for joining us Monica!

Kinda Linda (ITA)

Experienced artist who loves to do scars. Her styles are ornamental and geometric dotwork which is very good for scars because it heals fast. She is very happy to do this and make women happy. Well Linda we are happy to have you on the team!

Je kan altijd een afspraak boeken bij deze artiesten. Ieder jaar in oktober doen ze mee aan de Tittoo-tattoo dagen op diverse locaties. De registratie voor een kans om zo’n tattoo te krijgen opent in Juni.

You can book an appointment with these artists anytime. Every year in October they will join the Tittoo-tattoo days in various locations. Registration for a chance to get a Tittoo-tattoo will open in June.

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